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Eiffel Power Program - Home

Eiffel Power Program - Home
Eiffel Power Program - Home

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Psychological Research

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2 Simple Tools to
Completely Restore Sexual Confidence
If you could conquer psychological impotence in the privacy of your own home,

Would You?

nagging doubts that rear their head every time you
begin a sexual encounter can lead to
psychological impotence if left unchecked.

Every man struggles with performance anxiety at some point in their life

Its Ti me to Do Something About

Build and restore your sexual confidence
Satisfy the woman youre with
Discover new sexual techniques
Gain control over the doubts that plague you during sex
Confidently achieve an erection whenever
Overcome performance anxiety privately
Eliminate feelings of shame and embarrassment

How Do I Know If I have Psychological Impotence?
Psychological impotence is not a physical problem. The flood of thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience during sex cause it.
Are you bombarded by any of these thoughts during sex?

What if she thinks my penis is too small?
What if I cant make her climax?
What if I cum too fast?
What if I cant get it up?

Psychological Impotence is a common performance-anxiety disorder caused by worry and stress. When it strikes, you can be as horny as hell, have a rock-hard erection, when suddenly, wham! All of a sudden your penis is as limp as a wet noodle. The stress of the moment, your past experiences, maybe even your beliefs, take your penis hostage and completely shatter your confidence and your ability to perform.
This sucks, it really sucks!!! But dont panic, performance anxiety is extremely common. First of all, it can happen to any man at any time. Its no fun. Most men feel embarrassed and confused when impotence happens. Well, heres the good news, it really isnt as bad as it sounds. Furthermore, you are not alone.
Learn more about psychological impotence
Is Psychological Impotence Treatable?
YES! Psychological impotence is treatable.
Approximately 10% to 20% of the time, psychological factors are at the root of erectile dysfunction. This is called,
psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Other common names for it are
psychological impotence and mental impotence.
Stress, relationship problems, and psychological factors can impair signals from the brain that trigger the biological response needed for an erection.
Research conducted by
Dr. K. Kuruvilla, M.D., F.R.C. and Professor of Psychiatry at PSG Institute of Medical Science, showed that 70% of men treated with guided imagery and sexual re-education overcame psychological impotence.
The Eiffel Power Program is developed based upon proven research. The goal of the program is to build up and restore 100% confidence in your sexual ability and to eliminate the problem of performance anxiety.

Treat performance anxiety discreetly and without ever visiting a doctor

with the

The Eiffel Power Program

Introducing a
doctor-approved program to help restore your
success in the bedroom

50-Page e-book entitled,

Sexual Performance Anxiety

20-Minute Audio Recording (MP3)

sexual , impotence , psychological , feelings , anxiety , doubts , restore
Eiffel Power Program - Home
Eiffel Power Program - Home
Eiffel Power Program - Home
Eiffel Power Program - Home
Eiffel Power Program - Home

sexual , impotence , psychological , feelings , anxiety , doubts , restore

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